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"Ko/koke/she," Poster by Duane Dishta

22 1/2" x 29 1/4", Image size about 16" x 20"

Duane Dishta. 11/21/46 - 02/26/11, Zuni, NM

Kokokeshe means "good or beautiful kachina." These summer Rain Dancers are emerging from the Kiva, possibly making their way to the pueblo's plaza. This brilliant reproduction is the first poster ever made from a Duane Dishta painting. Richard Wolfe, who lived and worked on Zuni many years ago, was responsible for the printing of this piece.

Shipped unframed via USPS rolled in mailing tube. Price $60.00



"Hot!," Lithograph, 1990, Santa Fe, by Julia Jordan

21" x 27", signed in an edition of 1000

Julia Jordan, dates unavailable

Based in the Denver area, Julia Jordan is a painter of lush floral still lifes and switched in the late 1990s from watercolor to oil. She is a native of Chicago and studied art in college but worked in several other fields after graduation. She and her husband lived in Santa Fe in the early 1990s. They moved to Denver in 1993. She has studied at the Art Students League in Denver with Quang Ho and has spent time in Provence, France, and Italy. In August, 1999, a special exhibition of her work was held at the MacLaren Markowitz Gallery in Boulder, Colorado.

Shipped unframed via USPS rolled in mailing tube. Price $75.00



"The Nation's Capital- The Avenue of the Presidents," Lithograph on matte paper

18" x 36"

Fred (Fritz) Schonbach, Born 1920, Vienna, Austria, worked in Australia 1940, Argentina c. 1946, then Washington, DC, now Vancouver, BC, Canada

Original art commissioned by the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, 1982.

Shipped unframed via USPS rolled in mailing tube. Price $60.00


Photographs courtesy Les Crandell, Copyrights reserved by the artists.


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